Monthly Archives: November 2015

Ilana’s Open Days – Christmas

Ilana opens her house up for about 2 weeks for the bespoke Christmas gifts, clothing, jewellery, décor etc. Take a visit. She lives in Cowies Hill. 755 Old Main Road, Cowies Hill. The next Open Days are from 26 Nov to 12 Dec 2015. This is the 13th year  of  ilana’s Open Days and the event has grown enormously over ...

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Married for 50 Years

Last weekend we got to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. 50 years of doing anything is remarkable, let alone 50 years of marriage! I gave a speech, which I fumbled through and shed a few tears trying to sum up their lives together. It wasn’t an easy task.   How do you sum up 50 years in a 5 minute ...

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Overseas traditions have been adopted by us South Africans and are celebrated more than used to be. I am not opposed to celebrating Guy Fawkes or Halloween but I feel we only celebrate them as they “are cool” to be seen celebrating. What is more fun than fireworks and trick or treating, right! So why haven’t we adopted the tradition of “Thanksgiving” ...

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