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feelinginspired.co.za is owned and managed by Tammy.

About Me

I am a wife, mom, a dreamer and a creative! I was a Personal Administrator most of my working life but got tired of working for someone else once I started a family. Life happens and priorities change. A few years ago I dabbled in Floristry and realised that I had always loved design and being creative so I wanted to follow something that I was passionate about.

I also love reading inspirational stories about how someone started a successful business from nothing.  It’s sometimes encouragement from these articles and hearing some motivation that can inspire other women to do the same.

Our Aim

feelinginspired.co.za is a website that aims to inspire women in various aspects of their life weather they are budding entrepreneurs, established business women, mommies, brides to be and aspiring decorators.

I hope my viewers are inspired by these stories!

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