“Home” Project


I love watching home renovation TV shows such as “fixer upper” on the Fine Living Network. I get so inspired by the host Jo who always likes large clocks and lettering and her design style is so my style. My clock is in progress (article to follow). I did make my HOME letters though and hung them up 2 weeks ago. I printed the letters out on paper and Mod Podged them onto the wood which I had cut into pieces just large enough for each letter (around 30cm x 30cm). By sticking the letters down I found it easier to cut around with our scroll saw. It took longer than I expected as a common thing with Pine wood is that it is glued together and the saw battles to cut through in those areas.

Once cut, then it’s all about sanding those rough edges and any imperfections away and staining the wood to seal it. I sanded some parts of the wood down on the top to give it a grained effect.

Home sweet home.


2016-02-15 15.20.01   2016-03-09 11.58.45

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