HotelTech making waves in KZN

HotelTech supplies Hotel amenities to Hotel’s, B&B’s, Lodges and any hospitality establishment. A personalized product, tailor made to each customer’s satisfaction. They are proudly South African from raw materials to end product, based in Glenanil, Durban and run by a lovely lady called Josie Hughes.

About Josie:

I love my business, I love my work day, I love the ups and downs and the challenges. Most of all I love the self-gratification and self-worth I get from every challenge conquered. I am a very under the radar person who tries to be humble in defeat and gracious in the battle. I am determined and committed.

I love coffee, running, and wine!

Start-up Costs

Business purchase price R10 000
Stock R5 000

How the inspiring business started:

Josie was offered an opportunity to sell amenities and then later a chance to buy the business. She bought the business in 2011. It was a very small business then with minimal customers. It was always something she enjoyed and was interested in. It has now gone from strength to strength under her management.

Product Range:

Shampoo, shower gel, foam bath, body lotion, hand cream, bath salts, foot scrubs, insect repellent and lip balm.

Glitches experienced along the way:

  • Competition
  • Cash flow
  • Supplier out of stock
  • Not been in control of own printing
  • Turnaround time when having to rely on other businesses

Advice for others:

  • Try being as self-sufficient as possible so you not reliant on someone else is an essential element to your business.

Footnote: Josie is a dear friend of mine I have known for about 15 years now. She rarely complains about things and is truly an inspiration to me. I recall her driving around all day to her supplier and clients with her baby boy in the back of the car trying to get this business up and running all on her own.  I wish her continued success and growth for the future!

Visit their page. HotelTech

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