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Twiggy is an innovative Vinyl Art Company based in Kloof, Durban and has grown extensively since its inception in 2010. Their exhibition stands have won numerous awards and you will find their vinyl art in boutique and home décor stores around the country.

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About Candice:

Candice is the creative force behind Twiggy. She loves “all things pretty”.  After she left school she pursued various fields of study, including Christian psychology, fine arts and got a job as a builder then realised at the age of 24 she wanted to be a Graphic Designer and completed a DTP course. She then started working at a Printing company which she excelled at due her quick illustrations and creative flair. Now she’s married and a mom to a 7 month old boy at the age of 33 and a very successful business owner.

Start-up Costs

Start – up Income R10 000
(incl. website, design of vinyls, product etc.)

How the inspiring business started:

Partnership and ultimately the start to the business in June 2010. Candice later bought Pauline out in 2012. Candice says “we felt like we owned the industry at first as there were only 2 other people that had similar companies in South Africa at the time”. We only used Facebook as a marketing tool and we travelled to Gauteng for our first Sarcda Trade Show and after that retail boutiques bought our stock and our business grew.

Product Range:

The vinyl’s fall into several categories: children, décor, text, larger than life and chalkboards.

Glitches experienced along the way:

  • Packaging – no one stocked packaging that the vinyl’s could fit into so they had to manufacture their own.
  • Display Stands – they also had to manufacture their own display stands for the hanging vinyl’s that come in 3 sizes.
  • Good quality comes with lots of product testing. “We had to do a bit of research before we got the product we use”, says Candice. Quality is paramount.
  • Staffing – Staff often did not have correct qualifications to fulfil the job requirements.

Advice for others:

  • Do your homework, beginning to end to see if your idea is practical.
  • Have enough salary saved to last you 3 to 4 months.
  • What you put in is what you get out.
  • Use the resources provided by the Government such as TIKZN and Seda. They are established to aid small businesses and will pay up to 90% on 3 different projects you may have. They may even send you to an international trade show if your product is of export quality. (great advice Candice).

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For more info visit:

Showroom: 5 Village Road, Kloof.

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